Everyone is: a bit blind? a bit disabled? a bit autistic?


Me: “I have a diagnosis of autism”

The other person: “Oh everyone is a bit autistic aren’t they? Don’t worry about it.”

I hear this a lot. I know it is meant with the best of intentions. But it makes me want to scream. “NO THEY ARE NOT”

Everyone is not a bit autistic, yes everyone may share traits in common with autism, but this no more means your autistic than sometimes getting pins and needles means you’re paralysed or sometimes closing your eyes means you’re blind.

I once, in the same situation as I would normally hear this comment, had a response that made me want to hug the person.

Me “I have a diagnosis of autism.”

The other person “Really? Gosh you must be working really hard all the time to seem so neurotypical.”

Most people mean the first one with the best of intentions, they might read…

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A Response to the Pagan Perspective’s coverage of ‘Godspousing’

I find this point of view very much reflecting my own, but better worded than I could hope to achieve.

Jolene Dawe

Recently, the Pagan Perspective covered the topic of godspousery.  (You can watch them here, here, here, and here.)This was an interesting development, and a bit surreal to see come up – even after all this time, even with knowing that the tradition of marrying Powers is growing within pagandom, I’m always surprised to hear or see those on the “outside” talking about it. The topic is as near and dear to my heart as you might suspect, but I’m used to it being a fringe topic. It’s bizarre in a way that I can’t quite get into words, to see it discussed in the wider pagan community.

I thought, after viewing the videos, that I’d do a VR to them, because I find that there are things I want to talk about, but I’m fairly certain I’ll be preaching to the choir with this, and I…

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The False “Lore-based vs. UPG-based Practice” Dichotomy

I’m lucky in that I now have friends around me that are perfectly happy to mix lore and UPG, and find that a very valid practice, but I do remember how excluded I felt while looking for a spot I would fit in with this.

Weaving the Net

Lore versus UPG as unreconcilable opposites is a narrative that I have come across quite often during my years so far as a religious practitioner. It has become clear to me that this narrative governs how we refer to ourselves and to other practitioners like little else does.


I’m choosing wide-sense definitions on both counts. UPG as an abbreviation stands for Unverified Personal Gnosis (sometimes I see Unsubstantiated, Unsubstantiatable, or Unverifiable as alternatives for “U”). I’m not going into the discussion whether Deities actually show Themselves in that sense; If you’re only halfway familiar with my blog, you know my stance on that matter. I am not going into the discussion whether a Deity expressing a preference about your clothes counts as UPG or not — in all honesty, that question is irrelevant to me, and I couldn’t care less. I will also only briefly mention that quite a…

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Respectability Politics: Act Like The System So That The System Will Listen?


“In the 21st century, respectability is fast shaping up to be the New Closet.” — Mark Simpson, The Guardian

“So what exactly are respectability politics? In short, they are an undefined yet understood set of ideas about how Black people should live positively and how we should define Black American culture. Ironically, they’re usually a huge hindrance to both.” — Maurice E Dolberry, A Line In The Sand

”The twenty-first-century version of the politics of respectability works to accommodate neoliberalism.” — Fredrick C. Harris, Dissent

“The goal of respectability politics may be noble, but the execution is flawed, damaging, and ineffective. By indulging in respectability politics, we acquiesce to the racially biased idea that the actions of individual black people are representative of the whole. We add to the pre-existing burdens of racism and sexism. And we fail to solve our problem, because we move the responsibility for eradicating race and…

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I’m a Racist

Pagan Activist

iStock_000001291278XSmall–Shauna Aura Knight

Hi, I’m Shauna, and I’m a racist. No, not one of the ones clearly defined by the pointy hats and white robes. And not one of the racists clearly identified by hateful invective.

In fact, I’m in some ways the more dangerous kind of racist; or at least, I was. Once upon a time, I was the kind of racist who didn’t realize how bigoted I was. I still struggle with my own blind spots and how much this impacts my thoughts and actions on a daily basis.

How did I come to be this way? This kind of racism is systemic. It’s ambient. If you’re raised in it, you can’t see it any more than you can see the air you breathe. But just because you can’t see the air doesn’t mean you aren’t breathing it in.

I used to believe I lived in a post-racial society…

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This Crooked Crown

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Best wishes…

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