Removing of Negative Influences from someone’s Life

So today I finally got around to doing the cleansing spell I offered to do for a friend of mine. Leaving the specifics out for privacy reasons, the goal of the spell was to remove negative influences from someones life.

To do so, I went with a spell I discovered through and changed it a bit to suit my purpose.
I used two black candles, in which I carved the name of the person I wished to be freed from the negative influences and then anointed the candles with frankincense essential oil.


Before putting the candles into the candle holders, I put some chili powder into those, to banish the negative influences once and for all, after they’ve been removed.

For incense I used Rosemary, for its cleansing and healing properties. (Rosemary is my Sage, if you will.)


Next came three crystals, each representing a negative influence I wished to be removed from this person’s life. The influence to be removed was written onto each crystal separately (no, I will not tell you which ones I went for) with marker, then the crystals were tied with string and tied to the candles.

While tying each crystal I said out loud what the crystal stands for and what will happen when this crystal falls.

After this the candles were lit, and I also asked a deity I work with for help with this spell and the outcome (but that’s completely personal preference on my part).

cleansing4 edited picture

Then there was a lot of sitting and chanting my intend on my part. Not quite as long as I suspected it would take though, since ‘help’ apparently translates into turning a simple candle set up into flaming torches.


So yes, I would definitely suggest to take similar precautions as I have done in this set up, and place your candles on fire resistant ground!