Help Brazil.

This Crooked Crown


I recently received the following message in my inbox by tumblrite. Please read. THIS IS A PLEA FOR HELP. FOR A COUNTRY. If we can stop Romney there’s no reason we can’t help Brazil.

My country needs some help. The mobilization against Romney in this community was just awesome and of course effective. Even people who were not from the US participated, me included. Now I’d like to see if you guys can help Brazil.
You might have seen what’s happening here already, but if not – and I wouldn’t be surprised since the media is trying to cover it up as much as possible and dismissed it for a small ‘bus fare protest’- I suggest looking at the BrazilWonders and SaladUprising tumblrs as they have some news in English.
We’re a 3rd world country with terrible social problems, one of the worst…

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