A Response to the Pagan Perspective’s coverage of ‘Godspousing’

I find this point of view very much reflecting my own, but better worded than I could hope to achieve.

Strip Me Back to the Bone

Recently, the Pagan Perspective covered the topic of godspousery.  (You can watch them here, here, here, and here.)This was an interesting development, and a bit surreal to see come up – even after all this time, even with knowing that the tradition of marrying Powers is growing within pagandom, I’m always surprised to hear or see those on the “outside” talking about it. The topic is as near and dear to my heart as you might suspect, but I’m used to it being a fringe topic. It’s bizarre in a way that I can’t quite get into words, to see it discussed in the wider pagan community.

I thought, after viewing the videos, that I’d do a VR to them, because I find that there are things I want to talk about, but I’m fairly certain I’ll be preaching to the choir with this, and I…

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