Everyone is: a bit blind? a bit disabled? a bit autistic?


Me: “I have a diagnosis of autism”

The other person: “Oh everyone is a bit autistic aren’t they? Don’t worry about it.”

I hear this a lot. I know it is meant with the best of intentions. But it makes me want to scream. “NO THEY ARE NOT”

Everyone is not a bit autistic, yes everyone may share traits in common with autism, but this no more means your autistic than sometimes getting pins and needles means you’re paralysed or sometimes closing your eyes means you’re blind.

I once, in the same situation as I would normally hear this comment, had a response that made me want to hug the person.

Me “I have a diagnosis of autism.”

The other person “Really? Gosh you must be working really hard all the time to seem so neurotypical.”

Most people mean the first one with the best of intentions, they might read…

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