Help Brazil.

This Crooked Crown


I recently received the following message in my inbox by tumblrite. Please read. THIS IS A PLEA FOR HELP. FOR A COUNTRY. If we can stop Romney there’s no reason we can’t help Brazil.

My country needs some help. The mobilization against Romney in this community was just awesome and of course effective. Even people who were not from the US participated, me included. Now I’d like to see if you guys can help Brazil.
You might have seen what’s happening here already, but if not – and I wouldn’t be surprised since the media is trying to cover it up as much as possible and dismissed it for a small ‘bus fare protest’- I suggest looking at the BrazilWonders and SaladUprising tumblrs as they have some news in English.
We’re a 3rd world country with terrible social problems, one of the worst…

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PBP: G is for “godspousery”

Very interesting and educational read about God spouses.

Beloved in Light

While I don’t care for the term godspouse, it is perhaps one of the most well known terms to describe the mystic relationship that develops between the soul of a human and the god the soul belongs to. Plato describes the act of Eros on the soul, and myth often shows Eros (or Aphrodite) acting to play the matchmaker between human souls and the gods. Of course most of this is regarded as nothing more than mythic generation of heroes etc, but these myths also serve as an important spiritual dialogue to our souls to take root with the love inspired in the soul. Ten years ago when I first started down this path in my relationship with Apollon, you could throw a rock and be quite unlikely to ever come close to hitting another godspouse. Now I am feeling inclined to write on this subject for my pagan blog…

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Taking up the Runes

So, my rune set finally arrived a little while back, and now it’s time to study! (For those interested, I purchased my Elder Futhark rune set from this shop: TrueCraft and I’m absolutely in love with the set I received! Stunning craft work and a pleasure to hold in your hand.)

I have to admit I always found runes fascinating, but I never could connect with the Odin and Thor side of heathenism and asatru, so I gave the whole thing a wide berth for a good while. Welcoming Loki and Hel into my spiritual life and practice happened around the same time as stumbling about a rune set that actually called to me. Coincidence? Maybe, but who cares if it works for you.

Maybe I should also mention that I’m a bit of a hedonist, at this point. How does this figure in? Very simply thus: if I do not ‘like’ the tools I’m supposed to use, on an aesthetic as well as an emotional level, then I simply can’t work with them. That might sound rather superficial and shallow, but it still is a valid issue for me, and not actually one I care to remedy. It’s a part of me I’m pretty ok with, and if I absolutely *have* to work around it, I am able to (example: kitchen utensils. I can work with utensils that are not my preferred ones if I have to, but the act itself is incredibly frustrating to me and I do believe that things like that are reflected in the results.)

Going back to runes and Loki, I *did* want to wait with the start of my rune study until my friend the Unicorn (she totally didn’t get that name from me btw) could join me, as she also wanted to begin to study the runes as part of her devotion to Freyja. Only it seems Loki is rather impatient for me to learn and I could not get rid of that bugging and nagging feeling, soooo…I started yesterday, pretty much.

Of course I did a bid of looking around, comparing, searching for book recommendations, general looking at other people’s study styles and all that in my research before my rune set even arrived, when I was even still trying to decide if to purchase it at all. And as per usual I looked at all that good advise, so to speak, took the book recs&discarded most of the rest, and went for my personal ‘go with your intuition/gut’ style! So now I’ll be drawing one rune each week, meditate on it, research what I can about the meaning, the possible uses, the history, take my notes on it, and basically hope that at least half of what I deem important information will stick in that chaotic brain of mine!

The books I picked out to work with for now are: “Rune Lore” and “Futhark: Handbook of Rune Magic” by Edred Thorsson, “Taking Up the Runes: A Complete Guide to Using Runes in Spells, Rituals, Divination, and Magic” by Diana L. Paxon, and  “Runes: Theory and Practice” by Galina Krasskova.

I do believe there is also just so far research can carry you when it comes to things like runes and their use. It will give you a starting point, but that’s really it. The rest comes with the working, with the handling, with the experience.

Some people have natural talents or inclinations, some have to work a bit harder to reach similar levels, and I have no idea where on that slippery slide I might fall or if I’ll ever figure that out. All I know is I’m looking forward to delving deeper into the mystery that is the Elder Futhark, and hoping to make some sense out of it along the way.

Removing of Negative Influences from someone’s Life

So today I finally got around to doing the cleansing spell I offered to do for a friend of mine. Leaving the specifics out for privacy reasons, the goal of the spell was to remove negative influences from someones life.

To do so, I went with a spell I discovered through and changed it a bit to suit my purpose.
I used two black candles, in which I carved the name of the person I wished to be freed from the negative influences and then anointed the candles with frankincense essential oil.


Before putting the candles into the candle holders, I put some chili powder into those, to banish the negative influences once and for all, after they’ve been removed.

For incense I used Rosemary, for its cleansing and healing properties. (Rosemary is my Sage, if you will.)


Next came three crystals, each representing a negative influence I wished to be removed from this person’s life. The influence to be removed was written onto each crystal separately (no, I will not tell you which ones I went for) with marker, then the crystals were tied with string and tied to the candles.

While tying each crystal I said out loud what the crystal stands for and what will happen when this crystal falls.

After this the candles were lit, and I also asked a deity I work with for help with this spell and the outcome (but that’s completely personal preference on my part).

cleansing4 edited picture

Then there was a lot of sitting and chanting my intend on my part. Not quite as long as I suspected it would take though, since ‘help’ apparently translates into turning a simple candle set up into flaming torches.


So yes, I would definitely suggest to take similar precautions as I have done in this set up, and place your candles on fire resistant ground!